Welcome to The Top Drawer

We are delighted to announce the launch of The Top Drawer. You will notice a different approach to our blogging as compared to many other eCommerce jewelry sites. Ours is not the equivalent of an offline product sales catalog. Rather, the goal is to give you a new perspectives and education on the world of jewelry. Posts will direct you to relevant products and information on our shopping site when it is complimentary.

A small number of posts will specifically highlight news about our website and we will announce important news related to the company. The Firenze Jewels story will be interesting to new and existing costumers. It’s one that date’s back to 1937. Mostly, The Top Drawer will contain news, advice, photography, as well as insights on the lighter side of jewelry’s place in society.

Today’s websites break the boundary of traditional relationships between merchants and customers. With the new “social web,” often referred to as Web 2.O, the conversation is now two ways. The web of yesterday was brochure-ware that may have allowed for purchases, but was not dynamic or interactive. People expect online jewelers will update their sites frequently with fresh, timely information. Good websites today listen carefully to what their costumers tell them they’d like to see or learn.

We’re known for our service and the time we spend growing relationships with customers off-line. We hope our blog postings will set us apart online as we bring you news you can use on a regular basis.