The Rock, II

NASA wouldn’t have to mine a large portion of Eros—or another asteroid like it– to pay for the next 5 decades of its programs, but it also couldn’t come up with the funds to do so. And carrying out a task of this sort would be a as groundbreaking (pun intended) and newsworthy as any event in the annals of both space-crafting and mining.

Could investment from any number of sources, like the US government teaming up with its 10 most friendly allies, allow for robotic mining of a blasted space rock? It would take many, many years to prepare and would destroy world markets for minerals such as gold as they are flooded by gold from space; but yes it is quite possible. With a massive inventory of jewelry in every size and shape, Firenze Jewels doesn’t like the idea of such an expedition much was it to happen tomorrow. Nor, we suspect, would those of you that own high valued gold or platinum jewelry. So what do you think, is space the place for us to expand our search for precious stones, as well minerals like aluminum?