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How I Chose The Perfect Engagement Ring

Engagement RingWhen I found the one I wanted to make that life long commitment to, I was elated. But like many other soon-to-be hitched men, the same questions arose. What, where, how and how much to spend for the engagement ring? Here are some things I learned when it came time for me to get the ring.

Know Her Taste

You should have a sense of the kind of jewelry she wears, likes, and desperately wants. Find out what her favorite jewelry designers are. If you know her favorite jewelry designer then that will really narrow down your search. The idea is to figure out what she likes and desires. I was lucky enough to find out what designer my then girlfriend wanted. It was much easier from then on.

Know Your Limit

Make sure you know how much you can spend. If you want to spend a little more, save accordingly.  Having a number in the back of your head is good when shopping around; because you (or her) do not want to be emotionally attached to a ring that you cannot afford. Also, if you already have the ring in mind that you want and don’t have enough. You can find out how long it will take to save for it. This does 2 things:

  1. It gives you a proposal day to work towards. (“Just 2 more paychecks and I can ask her on the 3rd!”)
  2. Some jewelers will hold on to the ring and give you a discount if you promise to purchase it from them.

Do Your Homework

A simple Google search and you can find out what stores have those designers, their locations, and prices. You will know where to go, their hours of operation, and the price ranges. This cuts out the time you might otherwise spend store hopping. Plus, since you have all this new knowledge you will know where to get the best price for the ring you want.

Keep Quiet

Getting engaged should be more important that the actual ring. So make it a day she will remember. Make it a surprise.  That is part of the gift. Here are some tips to make it suspenseful. Plan Big!!

  1. Borrow one of her rings to find out her ring size. (So you don’t have to ask her!) Any jeweler will tell you.
  2. Don’t mention anything about marriage, rings, wedding, etc. If she doesn’t hear you talking about it, she won’t think you are going to pop the question when you go out to dinner this Saturday.
  3. Get her friends to help out. (The ones that can keep a secret.)

These are just some things I learned when it came time for me to pop the question. If you have any more suggestions please leave a comment below.

Platinum’s Appeal

At one point, gold wedding rings were the option. But recently platinum has grown tremendous in popularity. Platinum is more precious than gold, and has other advantages over gold as well.
Platinum wedding rings are elegant.  Platinum was often mixed with gold, but today you can find wedding rings of pure platinum. Polished platinum sparkles as much as gold.  Platinum is a durable metal, and your active lifestyle will not get in the way of wearing a platinum ring.

Given that platinum wedding rings have a very modern look, the best styles are elegant, but simple.  A “comfort fit” is curved slightly in the inside, and most men find them a good choice since a ring is worn more then anything else that adorns the body.  Platinum is heavier than gold which is often the main reason men choose them over gold.  Remember that many men love Swiss sports watches for the same “weighty” reason.
You will pay a premium for platinum.  One reason some buyers go with gold is they are concerned they will lose their ring, and want to be able to replace it less expensively.  Do keep in mind that an engagement ring is not like a set of car keys.  You will grow to love it more and more with each passing year, as you do your partner, and will have a magnetic connection to it.  That may mean that IF you take it off, you will have a brilliant system for making sure your ring is never lost.

Brief History of the Diamond Engagement Ring

In 1993, a National Jeweler’s study discovered that over forty percent of consumers planned to buy a diamond that was at least one carat.  A year later, a large study sponsored by Conde Naste showed the average cost of a wedding ring was $3,576, amounting to sixteen percent of what an average couple spent on their wedding.  More recently, DeBeers’ found that four of five brides are given diamond engagement rings.

The diamond engagement ring finds its origins with the marriage of Maximilian I to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. In modern time, It was unusual to find diamond rings prior to 1870.  From that point on, and initially because of large discoveries in South African mines, diamond jewels became increasingly popular until the Great Depression caused a huge drop in the numbers of marriages.  DeBeers was the driving force in making diamonds hugely popular, and their success landed just after the end of World War II.  Their moto, “A Diamond Is Forever” is still a mantra for why diamonds are such an important part of a marriage as we move beyond 2008.

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