11 Creative Ways to Wear a Brooch

Contrary to popular belief, brooches are no longer reserved for the lapel of your jacket or to only be worn by your grandmother. In fact, with the vast array of designs available, brooches are possibly the most versatile pieces in your jewelry collection. First Lady Michelle Obama has been one of the most public figures fueling the recent comeback of antique style brooches through the inspiring ways she’s worn them. Whether you’re looking to draw attention to your best features or want to brilliantly compliment your ensemble, here’s a few fashionable (and some functional) ways to wear a brooch:
1 ) Design a necklace: Use a brooch as a pendant by attaching it to a diamonds by the yard, pearl, tennis necklace or any chain. Another idea would be to wrap the necklace or strand of pearls closely around your neck and creatively apply the pin.


2 ) Add sparkle to an evening bag: Create an intriguing look by pinning a brooch onto your clutch. For additional sparkle, pin two or more smaller and similarly themed brooches together.


3 ) Instant statement jewel: Apply your favorite diamond brooch to a thin ring or band to create an instant cocktail ring or place one on a wrist band made of fabric to be worn as jeweled cuff.


4 ) Secure your scarf: Wrap a colorful scarf or choker around your neck and secure it in place with a brooch for a French chic look.


5 ) Pin a brooch on your waist: A growing Hollywood trend is to wear a brooch directly on the waist of a dress or gown as did Eva Longoria at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards. Another idea would be to wrap a scarf around your waist and secure it with the brooch itself.


6 ) Compliment your head piece: Add a little flair to a casual fedora, floppy hat, beret, cabbie-style hat or just a plain cap by pinning a brooch onto it. Fond of the gypsy inspired look? Apply a sparkling accent to a turban headband by attaching a brooch to the center.


7 ) Use one as a hair pin: Yes you heard right. After styling your hair, carefully attach a brooch for a glamorous look. This works best with styles such as a bun, french twist or sleek pony tail. Try holding it in place by using bobby pins, attaching it to ribbon and weaving it in your hair or your own method as most brooches weren’t designed for this.


8 ) Instant wardrobe alteration: How many times have we bought an article of clothing knowing the “fit isn’t just right”, but we’d figure out how to work with it later? A well positioned brooch can take the place of a permanent alteration. Fashionably cinch up an over-sized cardigan, sweater, dress or even a long t-shirt with a brooch.


9 ) Make it a focal point: Add a brooch to the bodice of a strapless gown or place one at the lowest point of a neckline on a low cut top or dress.


10 ) Adorn your shoulder: Break tradition by applying a brooch to the shoulder of any jacket, blazer or even a turtle neck.


11 ) An alternative to buttons or clasps: Fasten a jacket, cardigan or artfully draped scarf with a sparkling brooch.


Now that we’ve got your creative juices flowing, pull out a brooch sitting in the back of your jewelry drawer and give one of these ideas a whirl. Don’t own one? Here are a few inspirational designs: