Fine Jewelry

Christopher Designs Unveils New Crisscut Round Diamond


Christopher Slowinski of Christopher Designs presents one of his brand new super brilliant patented Crisscut Round diamond creations in this video below recently at Las Vegas. A brand new design that just hit the market, this gorgeous 125 faceted stone features 98% scintillation which is very unusual for this type of diamond says the designer. Seeing a problem for various cuts of round diamonds under very low light conditions, the New York bridal jewelry designer’s goal was to create a new type of diamond that would allow maximum light reflection under any type of lighting. Sizes of stones cut range all the way up to 5 carats and will soon be available in other shapes such as oval and cushion.

Charles Krypell Introduces Latest Jewelry Designs In Collection


Renowned fashion and bridal jewelry designer Charles Krypell speaks in this interview below about the concept, pricing and strategies for the latest pieces in their collection of fine designer jewelry at the recent Prestige Promenade at JCK.

Focused on attracting the attention of jewelry collectors instead of jewelry shoppers, the New York designer showcases two fine 3-link bracelets featuring black diamonds, brown diamonds and a combination of sterling silver and gold which he says is a very big look at the moment. Suggested retail prices average between $300-$7,000.

Jennifer Lopez Wears Le Vian Diamond Jewelry in September’s Glamour Cover Story

Actress, singer, dancer and business sensation Jennifer Lopez is heating things up in September 2010’s Glamour cover story. Wearing an exotic cheetah print body suit by Dolce & Gabanna, the diva extraordinaire is featured in a variety of enticing diamond earrings, rings, pendants and necklaces by some of the jewelry industry’s most innovative designers. The earthy fashion and accessory tones seen in the shots reflect Fall 2010’s trend forecast. We especially love that Le Vian Chocolate Diamond® Ball & Chain Bracelet she’s wearing as she holds an over-sized Queen of Diamonds card as well those Christian Louboutin shoes in the far right shot below!


J. Lo is living as big as fabulous as ever- she’s just not letting the paparazzi watch. In this issue, she opens up to the magazine about motherhood, marriage and the bold fashion she shows off here. Her latest movie “The Backup Plan” released this year grossed a healthy 77.5 million world wide which proves the actress still has staying power. Jenny from the block is hard at work with a new album titled “Love?” due to release later this year. A number of singles for the album have already been released, including: “Louboutins” and a video for her song “Fresh out the oven (featuring Pitbull)” directed by Jonas Akerlund. Both tracks have been successful peaking at number one on Billboard’s “Hot Dance Club Songs Chart.”


Twilight Star Nikki Reed is a Fan of Simon G Jewelry

Twilight star Nikki Reed talks in this video about why she loves Simon G Jewelry at the recent Summer Soiree in Las Vegas. A big fan of Simon G for a long time, her favorite pieces in her personal collection are 3 sparkling diamond bracelets worn as a set in rose gold, yellow gold and silver and we can see why! “I love Simon G’s jewelry because it’s delicate, classy, simple and I think he uses a wonderful combination of different metals and beautiful different color diamonds” says the star.

Michelle Williams Featured Wearing Chad Allison Fine Designer Jewelry

Michelle Williams from the former R&B music group Destiny’s Child recently posed for a photo session looking glamorous in Chad Allison fine designer jewelry. She’s featured wearing stacked bangle cuff bracelets complimenting her edgy look and glistening diamond dangle earrings accentuating her brilliant smile. It’s been reported that Williams will be appearing in the upcoming series of Strictly Come Dancing, the British television show which led to the hit American version of Dancing with the Stars. She is set to be paid £100,000 as part of a plan to bring bigger celebrities to compete in the dancing show. The singer, actress and philanthropist is also rumored to be working on a new album which will include a variety of different music genres. It is said that Grammy-Award winner Timbaland will be one of the music producers of William’s fourth studio album.



Oprah Wears Le Vian Dark Chocolate Diamond Earrings on Cover of O Magazine

Oprah Winfrey is wearing dark chocolate diamond earrings designed by Le Vian on September 2010’s cover of “O The Oprah Magazine” currently available on news stands.  Oprah looks gorgeous and those earrings compliment her outfit’s warm autumn tones wonderfully.  The issue is aptly titled: “The Makeover Issue: Transform Your Look, Luck, Life – 178 Inspiring Ways to Change Things Up”. Statement pieces are still very much in style and what better way to welcome the approaching fall season than with a dangling and sparkling new accessory?

On September 13th, 2010 the media mogul will be launching The Farewell Season to “The Oprah Winfrey Show” on ABC marking an end of a 24 year old program that’s touched the hearts and lives of countless people around the world. While she will be greatly missed, audiences can expect to hear more from her when she starts a new television channel called the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).


5 Tips To Keep Your Engagement and Wedding Rings Sparkling

engagement and wedding rings

Perhaps no other jewelry you purchase will have greater sentimental value and be worn more often than your engagement and wedding rings. As timeless symbols of your love and commitment to one another, it’s only natural that you want to take the utmost greatest care of them.

1) Protection: Be gentle to your rings – It is advised to remove your rings before potentially undertaking any heavy work, gardening or dealing with harsh chemicals. Despite being incredibly strong, gemstones and even diamonds can chip or crack if accidentally struck too hard.

2) Upkeep: Keep your rings scratch free – All precious metals will eventually get scratched over time and can be brought to any professional jeweler to be buffed and polished. If your rings are made of white gold, your jeweler may also suggest that they be re-plated. This is normal as white gold is an alloy with a yellow gold base; it gets its white color from being plated in rhodium. After being buffed, the ring may begin returning to its natural gold color. If you’ve purchased platinum wedding bands, they can be polished back to their original condition. Platinum is naturally white, so no upkeep is needed to retain its luster.

3) Inspection: Watch out for loose diamonds – For peace of mind, have your jeweler occasionally inspect her engagement ring to ensure the stones are securely in place. It’s not uncommon for diamonds to come loose with everyday wear and tear. We generally recommend an annual inspection. However, depending on her lifestyle and the ring’s metal type, this may need to be done more or less frequently. Because of its density, a platinum setting will hold stones most securely in place.

4) Cleaning: Let those diamonds sparkle – The maximum brilliance of her diamonds can be maintained by keeping the ring clean. This can easily be done by soaking the ring in a mild solution of soap and warm water or a jewelry cleaning solution and gently rubbing dry with a soft cloth. Do not do perform this near a sink as you may risk the ring falling down the drain! For a more thorough cleansing, take the wedding and engagement ring to your jeweler.

5) Storage: Keep your rings safe – Store your pieces in a jewelry box, individually lined compartment or chamois bag when not being worn. Ensure that they are carefully placed separately to avoid the diamonds from rubbing against other pieces of jewelery which may produce a scratch.

Diamond Ipad Wedding Anniversary Gift for Mariah

Pop diva Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon received a dazzling wedding anniversary gift from the bosses at cosmetics firm Elizabeth Arden – a diamond encrusted Ipad.  Aside from being covered in glittering stones, the Ipad features a butterfly and Carey’s signature “M”. The stunning gift marks the couple’s second anniversary. Known to renew their vows every year, they held a lavish wedding ceremony at their Bevery Hills home on April 30th.  Mariah wore a white dress and veil, while Nick wore a white suit.

Their first 2 weddings were very low key in island-driven remote spots, so they opted for a more traditional ceremony this year.  Cannon mentioned that his super-star wife would be getting a third diamond ring to go with the third ceremony.  Celebrating their second wedding anniversary, he told the press, “We get married every year! That’s our thing.” – then adding, “If you were married to Mariah Carey, you’d want to marry her every year too!”