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Oprah Wears Le Vian Dark Chocolate Diamond Earrings on Cover of O Magazine

Oprah Winfrey is wearing dark chocolate diamond earrings designed by Le Vian on September 2010’s cover of “O The Oprah Magazine” currently available on news stands.  Oprah looks gorgeous and those earrings compliment her outfit’s warm autumn tones wonderfully.  The issue is aptly titled: “The Makeover Issue: Transform Your Look, Luck, Life – 178 Inspiring Ways to Change Things Up”. Statement pieces are still very much in style and what better way to welcome the approaching fall season than with a dangling and sparkling new accessory?

On September 13th, 2010 the media mogul will be launching The Farewell Season to “The Oprah Winfrey Show” on ABC marking an end of a 24 year old program that’s touched the hearts and lives of countless people around the world. While she will be greatly missed, audiences can expect to hear more from her when she starts a new television channel called the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).


Video: How Ritani Engagement Rings Are Made

Ever wondered how a designer engagement ring is made? Drawing inspiration from nature and architecture, watch how a designer’s vision is hand crafted into one of the most meaningful symbols of a couple’s life. Follow Ritani’s incredible team of artisans including jewelers, setters and designers in this exclusive behind the scenes journey on how Ritani engagement rings are made.

Diamond Earrings at the 2010 Oscars

Oscars 2010 had a number of surprises this year. As always, it is a great source to spot fashion and jewelry trends for the upcoming season. While some ensembles were way off target, there were a few starlets that were spot on. Ever-elegant Meryl Streep was our favorite pick of the evening. Draped in a hot white Chris March gown, those pave-set diamond and white gold earrings superbly complimented her overall look.


Designer Engagement Rings

Designer Engagement Rings

From antique/vintage to classic designs, designer engagement rings have a distinct and individual appeal that has captured the hearts of many soon to be married couples in love. Whether it’s the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into a particular piece or the gorgeous design conjured up by some of the world’s leading designers, Firenze Jewels wants to review a few the most attention grabbing diamond designer engagement rings.

Charles Krypell Designer Engagement Rings

Charles Krypell Designer Engagement Rings

Pieces such as this stunning antique style Charles Krypell designer engagement ring have garnered much attention since they’ve made their first debut. We have found that diamond engagement rings with an emerald cut stone are a die hard favorite for many discerning women.

Christopher Designs Designer Engagement Rings Crisscut Emerald

Christopher Designs Designer Engagement Rings

Most savvy and trendy buyers looking at diamond engagement rings are probably already familiar with patented Christopher Designs Crisscut emerald designer engagement rings. Simplicity and elegance are harmoniously combined in this one lovely and sought after piece.

Le Vian Designer Engagement Rings

Le Vian Designer Engagement Rings

Renowned for their bold and unique diamond jewelry and designer engagement rings, pieces such as this jaw dropping two tone gold Le Vian designer engagement ring featuring 3 gorgeous fancy yellow diamonds are the reason why Le Vian designs are consistently anything but ordinary.

Natalie K Designer Engagement Rings

Natalie K Designer Engagement Rings

A true expression of all that is timeless and classic in diamond jewelry. Of all the antique style Natalie K designer engagement rings, this diamond engagement ring and wedding band set imbued with beautiful channel set round brilliant cut white diamonds has forever warmed the hearts of a select few couples in love.

Ritani Designer Engagement Rings

Ritani Designer Engagement Rings

When celebrating one of life’s most treasured moments, it is no wonder why diamond jewelry aficionados have naturally been drawn to Ritani designer engagement rings. A standard of excellence and elegance, the diamond engagement rings found within the Endless Love, Ritani Setting, Masterwork, Bella Vita, Ritani Modern and Romantique Collections are exquisite works of art.

Simon G Designer Engagement Rings

Simon G Designer Engagement Rings

The detailed craftsmanship that goes into Simon G designer engagement rings is a true testament to why the Simon G brand has become a leader in the diamond jewelry industry. Remarkable pieces such as this antique style diamond engagement ring featuring a superb center mosaic of round cut white diamonds surrounded by stunning pink diamonds is the reason why so many have fallen in love with Simon G.

Jewelry in Politics

New York City’s Firenze Jewels weighs in on four very different but influential women in politics this year, the type of jewelry they have worn and how it compliments their overall style. “You can tell a lot about someone’s personality by looking at the style of jewelry they choose to wear,” says Gabrielle Guzman, Director of the e-Commerce division at Firenze Jewels. While you may or may not agree with their (or their husband’s) philosophical views, one thing is for certain; we’ll be seeing a lot more of one of them in the future.

Hillary Clinton

Current second term Senator of New York, former First Lady and former 2008 Democratic candidate for President of the United States, Hillary Clinton has worn many different hats and usually likes to wear a pearl or modest diamond necklace to go along with each. Some people tuned into the election coverage may remember that when asked a light hearted question during last year’s UNLV presidential debate about whether she prefers diamonds or pearls, she

jokingly replied “I want both”. Hillary is also known to be a big fan of turquoise jewelry, and when she’s not in the spot light she’ll usually opt for a simple gold necklace. Firenze Jewels believes that the jewelry Mrs. Clinton chooses to wear is very much like her famous trademark pantsuits, it shows that she’s confident, enjoys attention and likes to be in control.


Cindy Mccain

Philanthropist, chairwoman of Hensley & Co, and potential First Lady, Cindy McCain has always been a fan of chunky beaded or pearl necklaces and/or earrings. In fact, her philosophy seems to be “the chunkier the better”. Cindy’s traditional demeanor has often been compared to that of Nancy Reagan’s, but her overall fashion style as the wife of a Republican presidential candidate is anything but. On her husband’s campaign trail she’s been seen wearing sharp red leather and copper toned jackets with bold jewelry to match. The clothing and jewelry styles that she wears

are traditional but the fabrics and colors that she chooses are not. Firenze Jewels believes that Mrs. McCain’s choice in jewelry and sense of fashion shows that although she chooses to play the role of a traditional Republican First Lady if her husband were elected, she certainly does not think like one.


Michelle Obama

American lawyer, Princeton University & Harvard Law School graduate and potential First Lady, Michelle Obama has been compared to Jacqueline Kennedy for her taste in beaded necklaces and she’s even drawn comparisons to Barbra Bush for her fondness over bold “pearl-like” white necklaces. Michelle has made several appearances on various best dressed lists for her sense of style. Her use of jewelry is very distinct. When wearing a contemporary outfit, she’ll usually compliment it with a more conservative looking jewelry piece and when dressed a little more conservative, she will wear something along

the lines of a long beaded necklace, a sparkling brooch or other form of jewelry that adds flair and drama to her overall style. Firenze Jewels believes that Mrs. Obama’s selection of jewelry and the way she employs it with her outfit, shows that she is very down to earth and comfortable with who she is.


Sarah Palin

Current Governor of Alaska, former mayor of Wasilla, and current potential Vice President of the United States on the Republican ticket, Sarah Palin has a flair for small gold nugget earrings and stretch bracelets. Many times, she’s been seen wearing a pair of gold earrings that look to be the shape of Alaska. Her trademark rimless glasses and flashy power suits have become her bold signature

look, so Sarah usually keeps her jewelry to a minimum. If she does wear a necklace or chain of some sort, it’s usually a simple chain made of gold or modest sized beads. Firenze Jewels believes that Mrs. Palin’s choice of jewelry and overall style shows that she takes pride in roots as well as her work and achievements.


Diamond Jewelry Is “a Twitter” at Firenze Jewels


Ever found that perfect diamond engagement ring you’ve been looking for, only to find out that it’s quickly been sold to another determined buyer? Looking to warm your wife’s heart on that upcoming special occasion with a stunning piece just released by one of the world’s top jewelry designers? Perhaps you are the fashion forward, tech savvy, diamond jewelry aficionado who strives to stay abreast the latest designer trends? If so, then Firenze Jewels invites you to join us on our new spot on Be the first to instantly get a sneak peak on the most gorgeous jewelry pieces from top designers around the world days before they are added to our showroom for public display. See them right as they come in and are measured and photographed by our by our e-Commerce staff.

Not familiar with Twitter yet? Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging site that allows its users to send and receive other users’ updates (also known as tweets) through the website, SMS text messaging, RSS feeds, instant messaging or other means. Whether it’s a close group of friends, a non-profit organization or a media outlet like CNN, millions of people use Twitter to instantly deliver, receive and talk about breaking news right as it happens.

Come follow us on Twitter and let us know what you think of the latest pieces or ask us any questions, we look forward to hearing from you!

Fall 2008 Designer Jewelry Trends


Diamond White Gold Necklace


As the summer days come to a memorable end and the crisp fall weather makes its way through the coming weeks, jewelry colors and designs begin to heat up! Expect traditional warm tones in jewelry designs and stones to become a hot staple for most wardrobes this season and well into 2009.

Some trends becoming more popular among designer jewelry aficionados are statement accessories. Whether it’s a stunning cuff bangle bracelet or a gorgeous diamond necklace, one eye catching piece will be enough to create a dazzling signature look.  The “less is more” approach is definitely in right now.

Designer jewelry lovers have a lot to look forward to this coming season, there’s many surprises in store!

Firenze Jewels Adds The Ritani Collection to their Showcase

New York’s Firenze Jewels is pleased to announce the addition of the famous designer line, Ritani to its exclusive designer jewelry collection
Ritani Right Hand Ring
Ritani, most noted for their beautiful branded collections, such as Endless Love, Ritani Setting, and Romantique, design each and every piece of fine jewelry for its maximum beauty and character.

“Ritani is a very established name in jewelry design, and we are excited to have the opportunity to work together.”, says Gabrielle Guzman, Director of Ecommerce at Firenze Jewels.
Designed and hand crafted in their state of the art New York workshop, Ritani combines the most current, high-tech computer generated design and manufacturing processes with traditional, old world setting, hand finishing and fine craftsmanship.
All of the pieces within Ritani’s fine jewelry collection feature the world’s most beautiful diamonds and gemstones, hand selected by Ritani’s in-house, certified gemologists. Distinctive finishes in the finest grade platinum and 18k gold characterize their jewelry, ensuring long lasting, durable, and high quality products that can be passed from generation to generation.
To learn more about Firenze Jewels’ vast collection of diamonds, or to view their collection of engagement rings and settings, please visit